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3 years ago

Hey guys! So I've been on your ark server for a while now, and I recently tamed a giga. Problem is that as of now, nobody has the levels to make a saddle for it, so I thought of going to trade with someone on another server, and transfer the saddle with the use of the obelisks. However it seems that item and dino downloads are disabled. I'd really enjoy if these things could be enabled, since I really wanna ride my giga around of course, and also because I'm getting scorched earth soon, and would love to have some of the exclusive tames from that server, on this one. This server is amazing, and I absolutely love the community on it! If these things get enabled, I'll of course do my best to keep an eye out for any hacked dinos and items, I'm currently scouting and keeping an eye on every other base on the island. I hope this is all doable! Best regards ZeElmo

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