19/8-2015 - Server crash and complete wipe (UPDATE)

In ARK: Survival Evolved

5 years ago

Hello all, I think most of you playing on the ARK: Survival Evolved server have noticed that the server has been down for couple of days now. We had some serious hardware failure after a thunderstorm, which lead to this crash and unfortunately all of our world saves and backup has been either completely deleted or corrupted. This means that we can't save any of your progress that you've made since the beginning and we have to do a complete wipe. We are truly sorry about this and we're also sorry about the complete lack of information regarding this - I know some of you have been total in the dark about this and haven't been able to find some information about this. We will definitely be better at giving you some more information, should this happen in the future (which it probably will). Please remember that you can always catch on us the forum, in the support chat or on Facebook if you have any questions or need help. Now to the good news. We have invested a whole lot on new server hardware which means that we are going to upgrade all of our servers. This will hopefully have a positive effect as in better performance. Jeb is already setting up the new servers as we speak, and we hope to have most, if not all of them, up and running on the new servers tonight. More info about this will follow later. Again, we're sorry about this unfortunate event and will focus on better backup in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Best regards, The Staff [b]UPDATE:[/b] The ARK: Survival Evolved is now online again - we did a complete wipe, but it is now better than ever with automatic restart and update (cached for faster update) and a lot of other features! As something new, we will do a "Survival of the Fittest" event this weekend, starting saturday at 13:00 PM (UTC+2). Join us for a fun and unrelenting gameplay!
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