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4 years ago

Hi guys, So we're doing a little feature freeze on the website/forum. As I fine tune my development skills, i'm also learning a whole lot about the workflow in being a developer.  As of now, since we changed to the Laravel framework, we have been hosting the website on my local PC, instead of our initial webhost, since they don't support the framework *sigh*. In the next 2 weeks (hopefully earlier) we're moving the website to a real production environment, so we can keep the testing environment locally. The source code of the website is being committed to GitHub as I write this, but will be kept private.  This allows me and eventually new developers to work much more efficient and structured on the new website. In short, this means no sudden bugs when you're browsing around the forum because i'm adding a feature etc. The feature freeze means that i'm not adding any new features the next couple of weeks, neither am I fixing any bugs, unless they are fatal. Thanks for your understanding! :) Regards, Nielson [img]https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/64286918.jpg[/img]
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