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3 years ago

Hi guys,

So you probably noticed that we once again have updated our website layout and added some features.

However, i'm a perfectionist and i'm not quiet happy about the current design - therefore i've decided to rebuild the whole website. This time I will make it more simple to use and navigate. since I think the current design tries to hard and is a bit too much, to be frankly.

We aim to keep it simple by creating a more modern forum. This means that we're removing all sub categories like, "help", "maintenance", "banned" etc. We'll still have categories for every game server and general categories, but it will be easier to navigate and more intuitive. 

Also we're getting rid of our WYSIWYG editor. I know, you probably love it a lot. At least I know I do, but it's not secure and it comes with a lot of hassle since it uses another frontend framework than the one we use on the site and because it is to heavy to use, in my opinion.  Instead of the current editor, we'll switch over to markdown. Markdown is used by lots of people, it's secure and it tends to work really well with a lot of things. I won't tell a whole lot about our editor now, since it's still a work in progress, but it will probably be great. You can read more about markdown here. With the new editor it means that you won't be able to upload photos to a conversations anymore, but hopefully this will be added later, since thats a feature that i'm really going to miss.

Also we'll be playing around with achievements again. I love achievements on websites since it gives you a feeling that you are actually playing a game or whatnot. I created an achievement system for Gamers Guild V3 before we decided to build our website on the Laravel framework and it was actually pretty great. With Laravel it will hopefully be a lot better, since it opens up for a whole lot of possibilities like events, listeners, easier database handling and so on.

With the above i'm just trying to state that I know the website feels only half done, but with the new site I can focus on cleaning up a lot of code and have a better overview of the project. 

If you have ANY ideas or maybe some criticism, please let us know so we can take it into consideration :)



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