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3 years ago

Im Sorry, i just had a total brainfart on the Teamspeak server. me, and Hoppe, and the 2 Smurfs (smølferne) are sitting, and minding our own business, when these 2 players join our channel in the Life is Feudal section: DonFreddy and Bugges. im all for joining and getting to know other people, but when you join a gang you dont know, you dont come barging in, singing loudly distrubting whatever conversation thats going on. (you can do this, if you know the gang, and it would be a god laugh) but with complete strangers, then this is a REALLY bad tactic.. and since they have had done this at least once before, where i was online (just switching to our channel, and sang/being loud for a short time, and then left the channel), i just kinda snapped towards them, and told them off, cuz frankly, it pissed me off!!! the message i just wanted to get across to them, was the behavior was found unacceptable by the other users on the channel. dont know it that message came across towards them or the mistook my "rage" against them, for something else, than it really was. i just wanted to post this message here, saying that i have had this insident on the teamspeak server, and im standing by it, and will explain more deeply in danish if need be. just made this post in english, for the benefit of all the non danish speaking people, as per custom :D

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