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5 years ago

Hi GG'ers! A whole lot of you guys have asked if we some day would make it possible for you to donate, and the answer was, yes. Yes, you will be allowed to donate, and finally the day is here! Please read these few lines, before you decide to do anything: You [b]don't[/b] have to donate - our services is free and we intend to keep it [b]free[/b]. For a long time we have discussed the possibility of having ads on the website, but we hate ads. They are ugly, annoying and takes up space, so we wanted to do it someway else; enter PayPal donation. We're only accepting donation because we can use the money. We are only a couple of guys who is just as passionated about computer games as you are, and we use most of our freetime to keep this going. You will not receive any perks by donating - you won't get admin access, but we will implement some kind of badge to show that you have donated, when you're posting in the forum, and also award you with an achievement for this (yay!). Just remember to write your name in the note when donating, so we can keep track of where the donation came from. [b]Update:[/b] You can now obtain the "A helping hand" badge by donating - it's a legendary badge! You will also receive a banner in the forum which shows that you donated. [img][/img] You can donate by clicking the [b]"Donate"[/b] link at the bottom of the [i]forum page[/i]. Thank you all - you are the reason we keep doing this :) ## Donators * Vesslan - 50$ * Dragonslayer - 50$ * Cursedth - 17.50$ * Kaol - 15$ * Infamous - 10$ * White_Death - 6$ * Rick - 3,85$ #### A big thanks to all donators! Best regards, __The Gamers Guild Team__
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