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4 years ago

So, basically the issue is that the weather on the server is not changing as it should. As you know, the weather is linked to the days, on the file located on players computers at Steam>steamapps>common>Life is Feudal Your own>server>data>weather January 1st is Day 0 Many players have been using this to plan ahead for their crops etc, however since the seasons patch, winter has been never-ending. Even days when it was meant to be rainy or just cloudy, it has been snowing. I waited to post this because I wasn't sure whether this was just showing the visuals of winter but the game was actually treating it like the file said, or possibly that the move to the new server might have reset the timer of the dates to day 0 when it should have been the middle of February. However I can confirm today that neither is the case here. The crops are acting like it is snowing, from both the planting and the harvest, despite it being set as other weather on the data file. This means that the weather in-game is not changing from snowing. I believe I can also confirm that the timer has not been reset to Day 0 at the start of the patch or at the server move, because for each day that I have noted it down as being snowing in the last week, there are no instances of that occurring in that order on the data file. [quote] February 17 Shower 3.15 pm SNOWING 18 Cloudy 9.15 pm SNOWING 19 Snowy 3.15 am 20 Cloudy 9.15 am SNOWING 21 Snowy 3.15 pm SNOWING 22 Shower 9.15 pm 23 Cloudy 3.15 am SNOWING 24 Cloudy 9.15 am 25 Fair 3.15 pm SNOWING [/quote] This leaves me to the assumption therefore that the weather itself is somehow stuck on the same day, not progressing as it should. This means that until it is fixed somehow (and I have seen no notice of it on the official forums or steam discussions as being an issue on other servers), the weather will stay snowing indefinitely. In addition, Oden mentioned to me today that he seems to be showing an issue with the dating system not working as it should, that might be related: [quote] 16:18 - Oden: It was just turning dawn on in game 25th Feb and getting lighter by the minute, then, bang, dark. 16:18 - Oden: I checked the date and it was 24th again. 16:19 - Kaol: its 25th at the moment on my screen 16:19 - Oden: An hour later and back to 25th. No issues with Herb Gardens though. 16:39 - Oden: Back to 24th again. Groundhog day!! 16:41 - Oden: And it was meant to be 25th! [/quote]
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