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Often the question comes up, "How long will it take my crops to grow?" but the answer is not a simple one, because it depends on the weather in the game, and how that weather changes. __Weather__ With the latest major patch, the crop growth has been changed to better reflect what the weather is doing at the time in the game. You can see the weather forecast on a file in your computer located here: Steam>steamapps>common>Life is Feudal Your own>server>data>weather Each in-game day is 6 hours rl, 4 daylight and 2 at night. So each real-life day is 4 in-game days. You can see the current in-game day on the minimap. I added my weather data to a spreadsheet an included the rl days and times, but be aware that there is an extra day in there sometimes, or sometimes restarts etc can affect it, so remember to check your file vs the in-game map and weather. __Growth Cycles of Crops__ Crops have 8 growth cycles, each corresponding to one day in-game. However not all days the crops will actually grow. According to the changes (as I understand it), crops will only grow when they go from rain to sunshine, or sunshine to rain. They will not grow if they go from sunshine to cloud, or sunshine to sunshine etc, but will only grow the next time they get opposite rain/sunshine of the last time. (see image below) ![]( Snow does not count as rain. __Why aren't my crops growing?!__ It may often seem like the crops are not growing, because crops only have three images that show up; seedlings, partially-grown, ready-to-harvest. You will only see the seedlings from the day you planted them until the 5th growth stage (I believe) when they change to show the partially-grown image. __My crops have disappeared!__ Check your game settings. Turn up the distance at which you will see grass, and they should reappear. They will always show up seedlings, but when the image of the crops change to partially-grown or harvestable the grass distance affects what you will see, so unless you are standing right on top of them, you are unlikely to see your crops. __Tips for a good harvest__ ___Use fertilized soil___ Using high quality soil will help your crops grow as good as they can be. Ideally you would want q100 soil. You get soil of higher quality by fertilizing it with dung from stables, chicken coops and barns. Just keep adding it to the soil until it gets as high as you want it, digging it up to check the quality during the process. ___Always fertilize used-crop-soil before replanting___ Used crop soil has had all the nutriants taken from it, so even if its just one dung you put onto it, I believe that will help a lot. ___Make sure you plant and harvest at the right times___ You will want to plant either on a day that has rain, or on a sunny day in the morning when there is mist around. You should harvest when the weather is sunny. ___Try to have as few non-growth days as possible for your crops___ I think that this affects the quality or quantity of your crops. The more non-growth or cloudy days, the worse your crops will be. Sometimes it may be better to wait a day or two to avoid a set of unproductive growth days for the overall crop yeild/quality (not sure which). ___Always use the best quality seeds you can___ The higher quality seeds, the better quality the harvest. You will start off with Q1 or Q2 usually when you first gather wild seeds, but your first crop will increase that a lot. You will want to plant the better seeds next time, and in good soil, so your crops will become better with time. ___Use crop roatation___ Your crops will suffer if you keep planting the same crops in the same location without planting something else on it between times. Variety will help keep your plants healthy. ___Plant within the boundary of your monument___ As I have found out in the past, thieves can harvest your crops if they are not within the boundary of your monument, leaving you nothing after what might be over a week real-life of waiting for them to grow. Don't be caught out.
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