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In Life is Feudal

5 years ago

Please read the rules below. - If a Player dont want to be part of the RP/PVP ingame. This is accepted on the GG LiF server, and that player is a NO RAID TARGET, AND NO DAMAGE IS ALLOWED, on the players building. - No Griefing - No Spamming - No Advertising - No Cursing/No Constant Cursing - No Trolling/Flaming - No Banned Items - No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items - Respect all Players - Obey the staff - No Racist or Sexist Remarks. - No Mods/Hacks - No Full Caps Messages PVP Rules -PvE claims is 100% safe for all. PvP players are not allowed to enter non-pvp claims. -No combat logging. Combat logging is defined as leaving a combat scene or another PVP player (chasing) by: a. Recall/prayy b. Logging out -No random attacking or trolling. Have a RP reason for your aggressiveness. -All abuse of game mechanics inside claims is banneable ex. Crates, logs or decorations. Making anything hover inside other people´s claim is banneable. -Use your head. If you are trolling or just trying to make trouble we will ban you. -If you die in a battle you are prohibited from entering the same battle within 5 min. This includes ghosting or arming up. -Use common sense. The admins are not stupid and if treated as such we will take action. -Don´t just kill all the animals for fun, it is not fun. -Yielding is a legit way of not getting killed, if you kill a player who yield you we will take action. On the other hand the yielder must not move until the battle or attacker is either over or gone. A yield is in other word a declaration of no interest in PVP and must be respected.
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