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3 years ago

![]( ## The Rust server has been updated to version 1156.90. Read all about the patch on [Facepunch's developer blog]( or see the changelog below. * Added new flame turret sounds * Added placement sounds to more deployables * Polished a bunch of existing deployable placement sounds * Fixed UV errors on the metal chest plate * Fixed skinning errors on the female torso * Fixed random physics crash on server startup when loading big saves * Pause server manager (AI, stability, networking) while initializing the world * Refresh collider grid after initializing conditional models (server) * Refresh renderer grid in loading screen (client) * Improved anti hack system (mostly fly hack detection) * Made debug draw console commands admin only * Fixed exploit to craft uncraftable items via console * Improved lowest shader level * Deployed dynamic occlusion culling * Bolt rifle world model & prefab optimisation * Longsword world model & prefab optimisation * Waterpipe shotgunworld model & prefab optimisation * Ak47 world model & prefab optimisation * Salvaged cleaver world model & prefab optimisation * Beancan world model & prefab optimisation * Stone spear world model & prefab optimisation * Water bucket world model & prefab optimisation * Bow world model & prefab optimisation * Hatchet world model & prefab optimisation * Bandage world model & prefab optimisation * Pickaxe world model & prefab optimisation * Fixed missing holdtype anim bug for Lr300, semi auto rifle, m249, flamethrower * Fixed wooden door skin not working * Added entity.deleteby( steamid ) to delete all player's entities * All player's entities are removed when they're EAC banned * Fixed error when opening steam inventory screen * Fixed workshop being broken (tag case sensitivity) * No fall damage when falling into shoulder height water * Flame Turret network optimization * Flame turret fireballs slow damage even more * Large Furnace has on/off controls on its loot panel * Large Furnace can only be accessed from its alcoves * Fixed Chocolate bar missing eat sound * Fixed Granola bar missing eat sound * Paper cost reduced to 5 * Armored doors have functioning hatches * Added Vending Machine * Codelock light color fixes * In-Home streaming now functional ( mouse clicks ) * Steam Controller now functional ( mouse clicks )
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