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Hello all! I will take a few moments here to list some of the plugins we currently have installed and some of the commands for those plugins. Please note that this list will be updated as time goes! # Plugins ### Sticky Chat Are you getting tired of typing /c every time you want to write message to clan chat? Did you accidentally leaked your code lock to public chat by forgetting to type /c ? Are you tired of typing /r or /pm "name" every time you want to write a message to your friend? Once you type /ct all messages you type, will go to clan chat. Other commands does the same but with reply, private message. If you want to return to general chat, you must type /gt. Well this plugin helps you with that. You can use following sticky chat commands: /gt - Stick to general chat. /ct - Stick to clan chat. /pt [name] - Stick to [name]'s chat. /rt - Stick to reply chat. These commands are shortcuts for General Toggle, Clan Toggle, Private Toggle, Reply Toggle. Link to plugin: ### BetterLoot BetterLoot is a complete re-implementation of the drop / loot system made for and by Also works standalone (does not require Rust:IO). Instead of using the game's default loot tables, BetterLoot overrides any barrels and crates a player loots with something (hopefully) better. While this usually yields a better playing experience, there is nothing super special about it: BetterLoot uses the game's default item rarities and does not touch airdrops. It basically makes sure that: - There'll be no empty barrels or chests - Default blueprints or bullshit items simply won't drop - Stackable items drop in appropriate stack sizes (e.g. Apples) **Commands** - Type /loot to retrieve any relevant information on loot tables. - Type /blacklist to retrieve information about which items are blacklisted. Link to plugin: ### Live map (Rust:IO) With this plugin you will be able to fetch a live map through your browser. Here you can see your own location, share your location with other players and monitor the global chat. Note that you need to login through Steam to use it. Map: [Link to plugin]( #### Clans (Rust:IO) Rust:IO Clans provides your players with an extensive clan system. It offers: - Create your own clan and invite your friends - Promote members to moderators to manage the clan - Automatically updates members to share their location on Rust:IO - Chat internally with all clan members through /c Message... - Shows the clan tag in front of all clan members' names - Broadcasts members going online or offline to all clan members - Turns off friendly fire for clan members when used with Rust:IO FriendlyFire **Commands** Type /clan - Display relevant information about your current clan Type /c Message - Sends a message to all online clan members Type /clan create "TAG" "Description" - Creates a new clan Type /clan join "TAG" - Joins a clan you have been invited to Type /clan leave - Leave your current clan Moderator commands: Type /clan invite "Player name" - Invites a player to your clan Type /clan kick "Player name" - Kicks a member from your clan Owner commands: Type /clan promote "Name" - Promotes a member to moderators Type /clan demote "Name" - Demotes a moderator to member Type /clan disband forever - Disbands your clan (no undo) Link to plugin: ### FriendlyFire (Rust:IO) Friendly fire will be turned off for a player's explicitly added friends. **Commands** Type /ff - Displays your current friendly fire status Type /ff on|off - Toggles friendly fire on or off (default) Link to plugin: ### CraftingController Passive plugins that enables instant craft for all items. Link to plugin: ### GatherRate This plugin allows us to set the gatheringrate for resources. Gatherrate is set to **x10** on Gamers Guild's Rust server. Link to plugin: ### Teleportation Enables players to teleport to eachother ot create a home. Max limit is 5 homes. **Note:** It is important to set a home if you don't want to get lost on the island. **Commands** * Type __/tpr__ "Player name" - Request a teleport to that player * Type __/tpa__ - Accepts teleport from player * Type __/sethome__ "Name" - Sets your home * Type __/home__ "Name" - Teleports you to your home * Type __/removehome__ "Name" - Remove your home Link to plugin: []( #### Notifier Provides various 'notification type' messages and simple systems for useful information for your server clients. Link to plugin: ### RemoverTool Remove structures like walls, doors and so on in an instant click. **Commands** Type /remove - Enables removal tool for 30 seconds (use any tool) Link to plugin: ### SignArtist This plugin allows players to upload custom images to signs. **Note:** Please don't upload pornographic, abusive pictures of animals, humans or any other of the kinds which might violate other users! Abusive of this will result in a permanent ban from the server! **Commands** Type /sil "url" - Paints picture on sign from given URL (e.g. Link to plugin: ### StackSizeController Overrides the stacksize limit. Limit is now set to 50.000 pcs for one stack. Link to plugin:
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