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## Welcome to Nehilium! Dear space explorer, In order for all our players (including you) to have a quality time and fun while playing on our server, we created a set of rules which we strongly encourage you to read before you start playing. ### Game rules: #### 1. Keep the chat clean Excessive trolling, spamming, or swearing, will result in a appropriate disciplinary action (kick / ban, depending on severity) #### 2. No advertising Yes, your server is awesome, and we do understand you want everyone to go there but this server is awesome too and we'd rather keep our members, so keep your servers awesomeness elsewhere, pretty please (breaking this rule will first result in a warning, followed by a kick and finally a permanent ban if you still insist). #### 3. Cheating The use of hacks, exploits or cheats, will result in an immediate permanent ban - No second chances ! (if you are in doubt whether something is either of the one mentioned above, ask first). #### 4. PvP Attacking other players **MUST** be followed by a declaration of war against that player's faction and cannot begin until a member of the defending faction is online, thus confirming the declaration of war. Furthermore, attacks against both defenders and attackers are allowed only when members from both factions are online (simply put, you are not allowed to attack or destroy an offline player's property). #### 5. Theft, Scamming and Sabotage Follows the same rules as for PvP only when the owner is present and may lead to the thief / scammer / saboteur being declared an outlaw. To prevent self-defense and players trying to take advantage of this rule by logging off, an initiated attack is allowed to continue for 15 minutes after the defender left the game. * Theft = an action is considered theft, when a ship (that is clearly belonging to another player) is forcefully hacked and piloted, without the owner's consent. * Scamming = taking payment without the intent of delivering the goods being paid for. * Sabotage = attack that does negligible or no damage with the purpose of disabling / hacking a players property (turrets, medical rooms, facilities, ships, etc.). * Outlaws = can be attacked by anyone as long as the outlaw is online. #### 6. Lag generators Excessive use of game mechanics that cause heavy lag on the server is to be done with great consideration. Using lag generating systems in combat is forbidden! Consistently being inconsiderate about generating lag will result, first in a warning and by confiscating and destroying the machinery causing the lag, followed by a kick and finally a permanent ban on the server. #### 7. Ship Size Restrictions Due to most of the factions on our fair server being decidedly civilian entrepreneurs and civilian entities, typically not being allowed to own or operate the latest, heaviest military machinery, a restriction on ship size and armament have been decided. The weight limit for ships, unless stated elsewhere, is set to a max. of 20.000.000 kilograms. The armament limit for ships, unless stated elsewhere, is set to a max. of: 4 Gatling Turrets, 2 Missile Turrets and 4 Rocket Launchers, for large ships. Till now, no limit have been decided for fighter class craft. Special weapon systems, such as those engineered using ingenuity and creativity, are not restricted (as long as it doesn't exceed the max. payload stated above). Breaking the above mentioned rules, will result in getting the ship confiscated and destroyed. #### 8. Role Play This is a hardcore role-play server after all so role-play should be done as best as possible at all times ! For the time being, there is no penalty for players that are not RP-ing so they can get used with this kind of playstyle, although, what is considered "quality role play" will be rewarded ! * Quality role play = is considered ripe for reward for those following actions in-game and/or on the forum. If a player wishes to, they can recommend other players for quality role play, via the forums. In any case, a member of our staff will decide if a reward is justified. Rewards can be a commission for a ship, exceeding the 20.000.000 kilogram weight limit, or the armament limit, or both, depending on the quality of role-play. Commissions can be traded between players, either as the permission to build a larger or better armed ship, or as a ship that is already constructed. Use the forums to keep track of commissions and notify a member of our staff before trading a commission. **Notice that this is a set of rules submitted to be changed or modified in the future, depending on the server evolution and players needs...** **-Admins-**

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